Who Do These Guys Think They Are?

Contrary to popular rock’n’roll belief, flash isn’t everything. Case in point: It’s quite conceivable that no band in rock’s hoary history was less flashy, more self-effacing than SKOOSHNY. The name itself, widely disliked even by the band’s strongest supporters, is Russian for “boring.”

This modest band, with its equally modest official recorded output, consistently produced music of rare quality: spectral harmonies, labyrinthine song structures, and playful, literate lyrics that transcended the low-budget productions to which they were constrained to resort.

For years a small but devoted coterie of fans, collectors, and writers has remembered SKOOSHNY fondly. Now the opportunity is here to discover a fine, potentially brilliant band lost in limbo.

(From liner notes by Ken Barnes, longtime music commentator and former music editor at USA Today)

While they have been likened to The Byrds, REM, Love, Kinks, Green Pajamas, Left Banke and other notables – all very pleasing and in some cases, justifiable – it must be repeated that SKOOSHNY very much tread their own path. For sure there are resonances of the 60s and early 70s with a West Coast atmosphere, pretty much what you’d expect from an LA band with influences based on songs, melody, folk-psych and pop!