A skeptical romantic: Writes songs about love, but has little faith in relationships. Degree in Russian, named the band. Doesn’t get out much, doesn’t drive, and lives in a cramped bachelor flat where singing, even quietly, makes him uncomfortable. This makes it difficult to actually write songs, though he somehow manages (and, hey, being deaf never stopped Beethoven). Insists Skooshny is a democracy, ‘til he’s outvoted. Macrobiotic vegan. Technologically inept.


Self-taught, jazz-wanna-be drummer. Photographer. Skooshny referee. Sees himself as the reasonable one in the band; the other two would dispute that. Has heard every drummer joke. Most eclectic musical tastes in the band. Can’t write a lyric or melody, but will critique Mark’s or Bruce’s without being asked. Wants to retire in Africa. The only band member interested in record production, business, and technology. Computer geek.

Read David’s discography here.


Multi-instrumentalist: Can pick up anything at a garage sale and play it. Constantly interrupts you to argue over things you didn’t say. Surgical technician – everything from opening hearts to removing eyes from cadavers. Solo artist in his own mind. Runs marathons for the endorphins. Band conference calls terminate suddenly because he won’t replace the phone batteries. Technologically inept.